LiL' Buckaroo Ranch

Where horses in need come to bring happiness to people who love horses.

Lil' Buckaroo Ranch in scenic Washoe Valley


Our ranch  combines the experiences of co-owners Bonnysue & Mike Moss along with our many volunteers from across the country, to create a unique and well rounded program. Our programs are suited for anyone who loves horses and wants to help rehabilitate previously mistreated horses or learn to ride, handle and care for horses. Bonnysue's background includes 50 years of training, instructing, rescuing, buying and selling. The extensive exploits and adventures growing up on a working ranch, add color and "back to the basics" methods.

Our ranch is always in need of volunteers at all levels and accepts donations of tack, riding apparel and boots which we share with our volunteers and Equi-Share members. Monetary donations are used to house and feed rescues and ambassador horses. These donations can be made directly to our location  and can be tax deductable. We are a co-operative sattelite site for another world known rescue operation, owned and operated by Marlene Dodge.

Our Equi-Share program offers much on many levels with something for every horse lover. We offer the opportunity to learn all about horses to become a better future horse owner through instruction on feed, care, maintenance as well as riding and handling a horse. We also offer free assistance to buyers to find you the right horse for your needs. We will walk you through the whole process or provide any consultation you might need. An importat goal of our progam is to make a good match so a horse we help place will have a forever home. We have beginning to advanced groups who compete and show our horses in multiple venues, make public appearances and assist in the training of rescued and ambassador horses.


For those who would like to compete in horseshows, we provide the horses, transportation, tack and clothing and if you are new to the show scene, we offer instruction. For the seasoned competitors, we offer some pointers and polish to get you back up to your best. 


Co-owner Mike Moss does beautiful leather work which he offers for sale. All proceeds go toward the upkeep of our horses and to maintain this program. If you are interested in purchasing, Mike makes spur straps, picture frames, cell phone cases, knife pouch's, corner carved sets for saddle blankets, headstalls, breast collars,  half chaps or most anything you might like. Everything is custom, hand carved and one of a kind. You can view a few of his spur strap in our photo gallery.


If you would like to participate in our program as a volunteer or a student, if you'd like to sponsor a child, make a donation or purchase a custom leather item, please call the ranch or e-mail us.

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Lil' Buckaroo Ranch members competing in Show Activities

 Bri Fuson riding our mustang "BLUE OWYHEE"

"Blue" is a mustang from the wild herd in Little Owyhee.

 Bri has been a club member and student here for almost 4 years and is now our junior trainer.

 We adopted "Blue" as a 3 year old stallion, unbroke and a real pistol. He is a percheron/Quarter horse cross. Mustangs come from many breeds, dictated by the ancestory in the area in which they are born. He is the most wonderful, gentle, smart and diverse horse that anyone can ride.

"Blue" LOVES to jump. He used to jump out of his corral (a 5' fence) and go eat our lawn. He didn't go away, just liked being "free".

He has helped our members win MANY!! awards and ribbons, including "High Point" in Jr. Trail Trials, "Grand Champion" 12 and under 2 years running at Mustang Expo and "Reserve Grand Champion" 1 year at Mustang Expo. He has more blue and other ribbons and has carried more riders in events and on trail rides, than we can count.  

He has quite a sense of humor. Mike broke and trained him (they kind of broke each other) and now Blue will carry anyone, any where, except Mike. He'll dump Mike over his head onto the ground and then just stand there and wait for him to get back on. They love each other but Blue thinks Mike is his play toy. Mike doesn't ride him anymore and now has another rescue horse and lets others ride Blue.

Come to the ranch and ask to meet ":BLUE".  

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